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My job is to balance any given environment by developing a better relationship based in love, respect and honesty between humans and dogs.

Alejandro Cárdenas


Alejandro Cárdenas is a highly sought after canine behavioralist, who thrives on cultivating a better environment for dogs and their human friends. Born and raised in Mexico City, Alejandro grew up surrounded by all kind of animals, not only pets and farm regulars, but also endangered species in need of rescue. It was at his parent’s ranch, where he started horseback riding, equestrian jumping and dressage at a competitive levelIt was then, that his affinity for animals developed and attributes his connection and understanding of dogs, to the years he worked and trained with horses. 

After coming to Hollywood to be an actor, appearing on hit shows such as the Gilmore Girls, The Closer, The Mentalist, Teachers, NCIS LA and more, Alejandro began to help friends, train their dogs. He would show them how to better understand their pets and break habits that were causing conflict at home.  What started out as friendly advice 18+ years agohas evolved into a full scale, referral only business. Alejandro has taken his passion for animals, and has now helped hundreds of dog owners train and be trained, in creating a more calm and connected relationship with their canine. With a focus on trauma, both that lie in the pet and the pet owner, Alejandro uses his techniques to help his clients let go of that trauma and shift the energy, to that of respect, love and trust. 

Alejandro lives with his wife and adorable son whom he considers both his force and his fuel. 

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Alejandro and Atticus (Chihuahua/Poodle/American Eskimo), were featured on Animal Planet to promote 2021 Puppy Bowl.were

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